Cabling Management Simplified

We installed tooling today to make a new product for the cabling industry called Wire-Wiz. This new patented cable management product will assist in making cable installation quicker and easier than ever before!

Two versions for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for network, audio, satellite or any type of cable or cord that needs organization. No drilling, no fasteners and no tools needed!

Wire-Wiz will begin production August 2020.

Product can be pre-ordered from our sales agent Ed Fisher at +1(844) 442-7466.

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3D Printed Face Masks

3D printed face masks, while being seen as a quick fix to stopping the inhalation of droplets, may not be the best solution to this problem. The porous construction of 3D printed products falls considerably short of the monolithic structure that an injected molded product will provide. With antimicrobial resins already being manufactured for the health industry, we can make products that can be easily cleaned, sanitized and reused with only the small filter element being sent to the landfill.

Let’s manufacture a product that can be made available for current and future threats to our health right here in the USA.

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Zerkap Tether Tool is Ready!

An accessory to our zerk grease fitting cover Zerkap is the tether which keeps it attached to the base of the fitting. This accessory allows the cover to be removed and safely stored at the point of servicing for immediate re-installation. It is a two cavity mold that cycles in under 20 seconds, allowing a weekly production of approximately 15,000 tethers per shift.

The video shows the tool being tested in a 33T Cincinnati Milacron injection molder. Production to begin January 2020.

Zerkap Tether Tool on 33T Cincinnati Milacron Injection Molder

Zerkap tether tool was setup and test run today. Ready to make parts next week!

Posted by Mainline Manufacturing Company on Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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