Zerkap Tether Tool is Ready!

An accessory to our zerk grease fitting cover Zerkap is the tether which keeps it attached to the base of the fitting. This accessory allows the cover to be removed and safely stored at the point of servicing for immediate re-installation. It is a two cavity mold that cycles in under 20 seconds, allowing a weekly production of approximately 15,000 tethers per shift.

The video shows the tool being tested in a 33T Cincinnati Milacron injection molder. Production to begin January 2020.

Zerkap Tether Tool on 33T Cincinnati Milacron Injection Molder

Zerkap tether tool was setup and test run today. Ready to make parts next week!

Posted by Mainline Manufacturing Company on Tuesday, December 24, 2019
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A 3D Printed Boat – Really?

YES! There is a 3D printed boat produced by the University of Maine!

While our company cannot 3D print an object this large, we can prototype your ideas using our 3D printing capabilities. Our prototyping service proves your concept and allows you to visualize your project before going into production.

Watch a time lapse video to see this awesome project come to life.

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New Product to “Dress Up” Your Lavatory

A new product is currently in crowd funding status that will provide a clean, crisp look to the bolts that hold your lavatory to the floor. Dubbed “Toilet-Tak”, this plastic antimicrobial cap replaces the knob-like caps that currently cover the sometimes rusty bolts and nuts, and provides a flush, easy to clean surface. Rusty bolts and liquid leaking past them will no longer be an issue, and pets and small children will not be able to remove Toilet-Tak to quench their curiosity.

Mainline Manufacturing has been chosen to produce and distribute this new product at their Griffith, Indiana plant. One of the requirements for being considered was a manufacturer with a “green” footprint so that production of Toilet-Tak would have little to no impact on the environment.

You can visit Toilet-Tak on the web or on Facebook!

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Producing Small Plastic Parts Economically

There isn’t just one way to skin a cat – or should we say mold a part! Small plastic parts are the lifeline for a good portion of small to midsize molding companies. At Mainline, for example, we have produced millions of small parts and have had runs from 100 parts per project to millions of parts per project. The advantage to buying small parts from our company is that we have the capability to efficiently manufacture small quantities and provide our customers their finished product on demand. There are no minimum quantities to buy and no waiting months for products to be made and shipped from an offshore source. That keeps your capital in your business for your company to use as needed.

Whether your small part is 3D printed or injection molded, Mainline can assist you in getting you parts produced economically and on time.

Contact us today!

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