Smart Materials and 4D Printing

Even though 3D printing has been in the mix for over 30 years, only in recent times has it been made more affordable and user friendly enough for the consumer. I mean it was not breakthrough technology to combine standard printing software, which has been around for decades, with an extruder head to place molten plastic down versus ink.

The real technological work has been creating materials that change properties after being printed with 3D printers. Let’s call it 4D printing.


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Costly Prototyping (or not?)

Part of the frustration for inventors in developing a new product is to cost effectively produce a prototype in order to prove out a design and its functionality before investing in production tooling and materials. An age old battle of ingenuity versus money for sure.

But an even deeper challenge is to find a knowledgeable and trustworthy company that will generously guide you through this process, and be able to offer knowledge, experience AND most importantly time; time to understand your goals and yes, hold your hand as required! – LOL!

Here at Mainline Manufacturing, we understand all about beginning a new product, and we are just the company you need to get that idea out of your head and into the marketplace. As a small, family owned business, each of us has a vested interest in you and your success. We offer inexpensive options to assist you in your endeavor.

Call us to speak confidentially about your idea. We will try our best to build a solid relationship with you and help get you off to a great and profitable start!

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