Cabling Management Simplified

We installed tooling today to make a new product for the cabling industry called Wire-Wiz. This new patented cable management product will assist in making cable installation quicker and easier than ever before!

Two versions for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for network, audio, satellite or any type of cable or cord that needs organization. No drilling, no fasteners and no tools needed!

Wire-Wiz will begin production August 2020.

Product can be pre-ordered from our sales agent Ed Fisher at +1(844) 442-7466.

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Mainline Expands Sales Network

Mainline Manufacturing has expanded it’s sales force to include the territories of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana effective immediately.

Manufacturing Services, Inc. of Cypress TX will be the Company’s new agent for these areas. Any manufacturing inquiries can be made directly to Steve Bailey from MSI at +1 (281) 250-0606.

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It’s NOT Just About the Plastic

Let’s face the facts. As a new inventor or even an existing product developer, you can spend a lot of time chasing all of the components you need to get your product to market. Design, prototyping, decorating, packaging, distribution and a host of other operations are a well intended recipe often gone bad.

As a full service manufacture, Mainline Manufacturing has the skills, experience, equipment and relationships that can help ease the burden of product development. We know that you may not realize all of the parts of the puzzle, but we see it as a completed work from the start, and offer our customers all of the support they require to “get ‘er done.”

From your first presentation to our completed solution, Mainline moves you from your initial concept through the manufacturing process, and delivers your finished product to you with integrity and timeliness.

Quality, Diversity, Innovation – that’s what we are about! Your product is made in the USA by American workers!

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