Founder’s Corner

Joseph Novosel Jr. is the Founder of Mainline Manufacturing Company, a contract manufacturer located in Indiana that performs all of its work in the United States either within its own factory or through vendors located here in the USA. Mr. Novosel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Purdue University, and has received additional training and education at several other institutions throughout his career, including Lean Six Sigma and OSHA compliance.

Mr. Novosel has been in manufacturing since 1997, and led a team of people at Midwest Companies, Inc. that developed (among other products) the Xtreme Capping Lighting for Qubica/AMF, compartmental lighting for Pierce Fire Trucks, and a product called Zerkap which is a contaminant and moisture protectant for zerk grease fittings.

His problem solving and forward thinking skills are the driving forces that assist inventors in succeeding to bring their ideas from a concept to a market-ready product, and assist customers with existing products to control costs and inventory levels with J.I.T manufacturing and delivery.

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