New Product to “Dress Up” Your Lavatory

A new product is currently in crowd funding status that will provide a clean, crisp look to the bolts that hold your lavatory to the floor. Dubbed “Toilet-Tak”, this plastic antimicrobial cap replaces the knob-like caps that currently cover the sometimes rusty bolts and nuts, and provides a flush, easy to clean surface. Rusty bolts and liquid leaking past them will no longer be an issue, and pets and small children will not be able to remove Toilet-Tak to quench their curiosity.

Mainline Manufacturing has been chosen to produce and distribute this new product at their Griffith, Indiana plant. One of the requirements for being considered was a manufacturer with a “green” footprint so that production of Toilet-Tak would have little to no impact on the environment.

You can visit Toilet-Tak on the web or on Facebook!

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