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Cable Management Simplified

We installed tooling today to make a new product for the cabling industry called Wire-Wiz. This new patented cable management product will assist in making cable installation quicker and easier than ever before!

Two versions for indoor and outdoor use. Perfect for network, audio, satellite or any type of cable or cord that needs organization. No drilling, no fasteners and no tools needed!

Wire-Wiz will begin production August 2020.

Product can be pre-ordered from our sales agent Ed Fisher at +1(844) 442-7466.


Mainline Receives COVID-19 Response Supplier Status

-April 17, 2020

Mainline Manufacturing has received validation as a COVID-19 response supplier by Thomas for Industry, a trusted source of manufacturing suppliers.

Mainline will place COVID-19 projects as a top priority in production, and expedite all aspects of the process to the best of its ability.

Contact us with your project requirements while we all work to make our Nation as safe as possible.

Sales Representatives Needed

-April 14, 2020

Mainline Manufacturing is establishing sales territories across the United States to enhance its manufacturing operations. This is specifically a paid commission, independent contractor opportunity with related support from our home office. Specific regional areas are available either as a group or individually.

Qualifications for potential reps are:

  • An existing customer base and active recruiting of new ones
  • Ability to identify and communicate our in-house operations to potential customer’s needs
  • Courteous and professional representation both orally and personally

Successful applicants will enter into a written contract with our company, outlining the terms, payment and duties required. Inquiries will be held in the strictest confidence.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact us.

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